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Our Core Service:  In-House Financing.
Never Lose a Sale Because of Financing!
Your customers will have access to a dozen lending partners who will compete for their business.  Whether they are A credit or sub-prime, they will have options to purchase your products or services.
However, 60% of the American Public have no credit, bad credit, or are simply maxed out.  Don’t let that stop you from making a sale.  Turn those lost sales into cash in your bank by offering short-term financing.
You can offer in-house financing that is not decisioned based on a credit score.  You receive quick and full funding, and your customers receive the services they need and a payment they can afford!
Other financial structures are available to save you time and money, so you can do what you do best... run your business.
  • Non-credit-based financing 

  • Simple application process

  • 3, 6, or 12 month term

  • 48- to 72-hour up-front funding

  • Fast approval

  • $3500.00 Maximum*

  • One application, quick response

  • 40% higher approval rates.

  • Title 1 financing available.

  • 12 different lenders

  • Up to $25,000.00

  • To See Customer Payments, Click Here

  • Complete Overview Here

In-House Financing
Retail Financing


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